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Kaly Easy Stretch Headscarf REFA NALI - Navy - C418620U54S
  • Kaly Easy Stretch Headscarf REFA NALI - Navy - C418620U54S
  • Kaly Easy Stretch Headscarf REFA NALI
  • Kaly Easy Stretch Headscarf REFA NALI in Fashion Scarves

Kaly Easy Stretch Headscarf Navy C418620U54S

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  • COMFORTABLE AND SIMPLE TO USE: The soft feel and touch of this head scarf will make a woman never want to use a bandana to cover her head again. No more rough fabric or scratchy bandanas irritating the neck and skin, this comfortable head scarf is flexible and smooth. A simple strip to keep the scarf in place means no messy tying or knots.This hair scarf designed by the famous artist Rinati Lakel.
  • NO TYING: This hair scarf requires no tying and can be simply placed on the head and will be ready in seconds. Just slip this head scarf on, wrap it around the head and tuck in the end for a secure finish. No more fussing or worrying in the mirror about how your head scarf looks or if it will fall off or not.
  • EASILY CUSTOMIZABLE: Add one of your own headbands or jewels to this head scarf wrap to make it personalized and have a unique look every day. This head scarf is available in a variety of different colors that can match any outfit or wardrobe. This is unique patent.
  • STRONG AND SOFT MATERIALS: Made of 92% cotton and 8% lycra fabric to make it more flexible , this head wrap is durable and strong. Capable of being worn every day and all day, this scarf will stay on the head securely and snugly.
  • ONE SIZE FITS ALL: This head scarf has dimensions of 45.6 INCH long x 17.7 INCH wide x 8.5 INCH tall, allowing for ample volume and will fit any head comfortably. The flexible material and shape of this women’s head scarf will eliminate any unnecessary tightness or inconvenience that other head scarves might offer.

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