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Premium Solid Fashion Scarf Shawl - Gold - CA12NT1ZPWD
  • Premium Solid Fashion Scarf Shawl - Gold - CA12NT1ZPWD
  • Premium Solid Fashion Scarf Shawl
  • Premium Solid Fashion Scarf Shawl in Fashion Scarves

Premium Solid Fashion Scarf Shawl Gold CA12NT1ZPWD

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  • PREMIUM ULTRA SOFT COMFORTABLE FABRIC – An ultra high quality fabric makes it breathable and ideal for any type of weather. Texture is silky soft and does not irritate skin.
  • VIBRANT AND BRIGHT COLORS – In addition to wearing this scarf in spring, summer, fall, or winter, there is a large selection of solid colors to choose from. Wherever you’re going and whatever you’re doing, this Four Seasons scarf is easy to match with any outfit. This shawl can also be used as a hijab or a head-wrap.
  • KEEPS YOU DRY, COOL, AND WARM – Wear the Four Seasons scarf in the summer and it won’t make you sweat. Wear it in the winter or fall, and it will help to keep the cool air at bay. Whatever the season, the Four Seasons scarf isn’t too thick or too thin for the conditions outside. You can use it to add a little something extra to an outfit or as a barrier between you and the elements. This scarf is multi-use and super cute no matter what color or design you choose.
  • HAND WOVEN – The fabrics of this scarf are woven tight to resemble the texture of SILK. Manufactured with the FINEST TURKISH FABRIC, this is the most comfortable scarf money can buy.
  • LIGHTWEIGHT AND LARGE - These scarves can be worn in many ways and are wide enough to cover your shoulders.

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